Some very real concerns.

..that I want to share with you.


My cat is becoming an internet phenomenon before my very eyes. I have had five emails this week JUST about her. Soon she will be appearing outfit like this, sent to her by crazy people in Asia.


I appear to have a frightening crush.. on Spencer Matthews from Made in Chelsea.. (I know. I know, I don’t understand it either!) I seem to be attracted to TOTAL BASTARDS. I would do bad, terrible things to him, I am ashamed to say. Possibly illegal.


Oh dear Lord, this is going to be like the time I decided I fancied Craig Doyle. We won’t speak of that. Send help!

I am regressing. Today I spent two hours listening to My Vitriol and putting studs on things. Soon I shall write morbid songs and pierce the s**t out of my ears.

Also, my Dr is really fit. This is SO inconvenient when you consider that the last 3x I have seen him I have been in a state of undignified undress and/or distress.

Tomorrow I am going to Weymouth for a photoshoot. Weymouth is very dear to my heart because it is by the sea and I was actually born there, I am looking forward to catching up with an old friend while I am there as well as taking some knockout photos.


Some very real concerns.

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