ImageImageImageImageI guess if everything in life came in manageable chunks then stress would cease to be an issue. I feel like I have spent about 30 mins at home this whole week! As I mentioned the last time I was here, I went down to Weymouth for a shoot at the stunning “Left Bank” restaurant on the Harbourside. Formerly known as Perry’s, my clients hired me to rebrand, style and create a web presence. It was great to meet the team and see all the hard work in reality! I hope I can share more of the shoot with you once the website goes live.

ImageI don’t read, or believe in horoscopes but I did manage to glance at mine last week, it said my life was going to pick up in pace and it was right, next week I am in London, Exeter, Dorset, Bath, Bristol and London again. I feel like a Nomad! All this travelling about has really helped me gain some perspective about what I really want out of life and how much time we waste worrying about the things we cannot change. I have really devoted myself to doing my thing this month and I think it is paying off. Getting ill was my body telling me to stop, to let go and to  step back. Some things have had to take a back seat, some people’s good favour is just not as important to me anymore. It is harsh, but it is a very real fact of life; letting go has it’s merits. If nothing else, it opens us up to other things we were previously oblivious to.


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