Photo Story- Lisa Fifer: Fashion Designer.


My latest photoshoot was in Exeter this week.. ah Exeter, stomping ground of my youth! I had the great pleasure of meeting up with the lovely and talented Lisa Fifer. This was not our first meeting, I used to work for Lisa when she owned a trendy boutique in East Devon and had not seen her since I moved to Bristol nearly 4 years ago now.

Lisa started out as a knitwear designer and now designs accessories for the high st as well as working as a freelance stylist. She recently won a place at a prestigious design school in LA and wanted a set of pictures to update her website and also to show off her new short haircut! I think we managed to capture her design background and love of fashion. We shot the majority of these photos at The Real McCoy in Exeter, a fab vintage/costume shop that has been there for years and somewhere I used to frequent as a teen (mostly to buy MASSIVE black cords, band tees and studded dog collars.. yeah). Exeter has undergone some huge changes since I moved away, it is nice to see that some things, at least, do not change.

Photo Story- Lisa Fifer: Fashion Designer.

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