London: 2 Photoshoots, 2 Museums, One sore shoulder and Strangers you meet off the Internet.

I did say that life was getting pretty crazy around here. I have been too busy to really post an update, though I have really wanted to. This post might be a little like an itinerary of my week, I hope it does not seem that way.

This weekend I was in our fair capital, this rounds off the seemingly endless cycle of travelling I have been doing for the last fortnight. I was in London on a photoshoot at the V&A with a lovely lady on perhaps the wettest, windiest, darkest and most overcast day of the year!  Luck was on my side, because the shots came out well and I had a great time. Had I still been an active tweeter, I am sure you would know all about the rain, my wet feet and fuzzy hair on this day.

Joining me on the first part of my visit was the lovely Simon. We popped into beyond Retro… Gratuitous photo alert!Image

The sad part of all of this is that I am probably going to buy those sunglasses.

After parting ways with my Bristol boy (who had to get back home to work) I headed over to my friends place for a catch up, some champagne (pre wedding taste test!) and a very early night before I met up with a total stranger at a predisclosed location.

Meeting people you have gotten to “know” online has turned out to be a pretty mixed experience. I am fortunate enough to count two of my very favourite people in the world as “friends I have met off teh internetz” they are indeed so normal, so nice, so wonderful that I have attended their wedding and even lived with them for a short time. Another internet friend has become someone I hang out with here in Bristol on a very regular basis. Everyone I have met in “real life” has been awesome, if they think the same of me then that remains to be seen. I don’t think I am any different, I certainly don’t think I have a persona I uphold or a character I play. I am pretty much, well….. I am pretty much the same. Only in stereo, with more gesticularions and a camera.

The longer you get to know someone online, the greater the pressure can often be. I have met friends after 4 years worth of exchanges, by which point there is no room for pretence- and I have also met someone after only a week and a half of one on one interaction (scary). I have also been spotted (and approached) by Twitter followers twice in the street, once at a gig and on another (actually pretty terrifying) occasion…. at work. I felt like Elton John!  So it was with great curiosity that I began my journey to meet the man I have always known as “Jonny Rock”, aka @ISEEMONSTERZ on Monday.

Meeting one of your favourite Tweeters is always a bit surreal, I should mention that Mr The Rock and I share a real life mutual friend which is how we follow each other so the likelihood of him being a) mental and b) a killer were already slightly lessened. He is also the person who sent me my very own Libs Guards jacket, for which I am very grateful.

There was no need for alarm. He was an awesome person to schlep around the Tate Modern and talk about the Libertines with. I also learned that he enjoys art that looks like squares of red paper pinned to a wall.



He really enjoys them very much indeed. I hope posting this photo does not anger him. I can assure you that he is indeed as brilliant IN REAL LIFE. Though he never mentioned ducks ONCE. Disappointing.

We discussed the “online” thing and how I don’t feel ready to tweet again any time soon, it seems the longer I leave it, the harder it is to return. I don’t know what I am even scared of but I know that right now I cannot be there, no matter how many DMs get sent to my inbox. Posting this blog remotely is about as near as I can get right now. It is a bit like flying too close to the sun- like a tweety bird I got my wings burned and I am sitting on my behind, waiting it out until I am ready to relaunch myself. I know that today is not that day, but tomorrow might be. I hope it will be soon, but at the same time.. people know where I am and how to get hold of me. It is also not hurting my career to be so absorbed elsewhere for the time being.Image

I can’t share any pics of my actual work from this weekend as my client has not signed a release… But I can post pics of my mates so here is Simon being a model around Carnaby st.

I think that is all. I wrote a serious post that is appropriate for todays date, but I can’t bring myself to post it. Like with everything else though… maybe tomorrow.

London: 2 Photoshoots, 2 Museums, One sore shoulder and Strangers you meet off the Internet.

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