Where I’ve been.

It is a fact of life that your body just won’t accept any undue stress you may put on it. Push it to its limits, expect it to perform excellently at all times and sooner or later it will just refuse. Usually when you need it to be most on form.
This week two things have happened to me, a two day photoshoot taking in five locations around London….. And gastric flu.

Anyone who has had gastric flu, or this terrible bug that is going round will know that the latter is not conducive to intercity travel. Or indeed anything that requires moving, for that matter. The bug literally renders you immobile. On day one, I couldn’t leave my bed for a full 24 hrs. Bolstered by the power I’ve medication I somehow made it to London to complete the job, a really exciting one that involved shooting people in five different areas of the city and taking in some amazing locations.

20120518-094805.jpg I have learnt there is nothing to complain about when you are privileged to be doing what you want in life.. And so somehow I managed to do it, cold sweats and all. I can’t share any images until the project goes to print but I had a great time and met some amazing people. I just hope I didn’t give them my bug!

Where I’ve been.

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