Dancing with the mythical toddler of joy.

When I am sad, and let us face it- I have been sad A LOT this year I like to do things to cheer myself up.

By the way, this was supposed to be a video blog before I bottled it.

Of course, everyone has different things that make them happy, I am by no means suggesting that the lunatic things I choose to busy myself doing will in anyway work for you but they sure as hell work for me.

1) Buy Music. Buy Vinyl.. all the vinyl. Download tracks you really shouldn’t but like anyway. Do it now. Binge on the music. Become an itunes whore. ahhhh. Booty dance to unsuitable songs about penis size like this:

Thank you Nelly. Thank you dirty bass.

EDIT: nelly appears to be channelling me in this video, Grey hoodie, nerd glasses, side parting… Drum N bass outtro… no.. oh.

2) Booty dancing in general. But only in the privacy of my own home- when I was a student we used to frequent a club called “The Level” which was wall to wall hip hop booty shaking, so I am still partial to a butt jiggle, always makes me grin.

3) Peeling off nail polish. My own.

4) Mind altering substances (may be a joke)

5) Ebaying for Kiss merch.

6) Saying (in a loud voice at things that are v uncool) “Thats SICK, BRAH”- something my friend J and I have taken to a whole other level. See also “GORDON’S ALIIIIVEEEE!” when ordering Gin. Never gets old. Take that in joke and run with it!

7) Eating citrus fruit (this is actually a scientific thing folks) 

8) Eyeliner. I have no valid reason why this makes me happy, it just does. The greater the trauma, the thicker the liner.. m kay?

9) That stupid drama exercise we used to do where you let out a deep, booming laugh “HA HA HAH.. it works, try it!

10) Take some photos. Unless its a real job in which case you need to be serious and do a good job, otherwise let’s all Instagram the shit out of our day.

11) Watch Red Dwarf or Father Ted, say the dialogue out loud.

12) Dance with “the mythical toddler of joy”

Now the last point needs some explanation, if nothing more than to avoid weird comparisons to such phrases as “choke the chicken” etc etc. The aforementioned phrase is actually derived from the moment at a wedding (as brilliantly observed by Peter Kay) where someone is left dancing with an imaginary small-person. This has always stuck with me and there are some songs where you just HAVE to do it to (such as REM, Shiny Happy People). Guaranteed laughs. If not, seek booze.

Dancing with the mythical toddler of joy.

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