I shall stay until the wind changes.


The Cover image from the RM Wags 2013 Calendar I shot.

Well, October is here and I have not logged into this blog since… the summer. I have my reasons, work being one of them. A few months ago you will probably recall me talking about throwing myself into my work being a physical need as opposed to something I fancied doing. Working proved to be my saviour in many ways- I suddenly got busy, people started to take notice. Things began to happen and on Tuesday I got on Telly.Image

See? That was not a joke. If ever I was waiting for permission to do what I love for a living, Alan Titchmarsh gave it to me with that word under my name.

 I was invited to appear on the Alan Titchmarsh show along with some of the RM Wags and Calendar Girls who worked with me to produce this. We even made 3 national papers!


These Girls are not only raising a huge amount of money for the Royal Marines Charitable Trust Fund, they are also providing a valuable support network during the testing times of deployment and are an amazing group of girls who made me feel very welcome into what could have felt a daunting, tight knit group. I am very proud to be a part of it. To show your support (and see the images in their full glory) please make sure to buy a copy (I will link when its up!)

If anyone wants to check out me making a fool out of myself on ITV you can find the episode on the ITV player now. Here are two snaps from the day!


I have not been blogging because I didn’t have anything to say. I was feeling a bit down on life and myself but I hope that now I will only have good things to write here. I think this is one of them.




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