The Boring Makeup Post.


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I am posting this because the last 5 comments in my comment queue were asking me about my makeup and I posted a photo on Twitter yesterday which some people seemed to have questions about, so I thought I would change tack and blog about cosmetics. I am not an expert, nor a makeup artist. This is not a typical post for this blog so please don’t go thinking I have gone all “beauty blogger” on your ass.. I haven’t.

I quite enjoy Make-Up for those of you who didn’t know. I seem to spend a hell of a lot of time on You Tube watching reviews and tutorials because for some odd reason, watching a bright orange girl with scary eyebrows babble on about blush and lipgloss is somewhat relaxing.
The upshot of being so interested in what other girls slap on their face is that I end up putting a bit more thought into what I slap onto my face. With this in mind, I thought I would post about my everyday face. Of course, I don’t want anyone to think that this is something I do every day without fail, my real “every day face”, if I am working at home or not doing much is either no makeup at all, or often just a bit of tinted moisturiser… see LAZY.

I am a girl who is most at home in jeans and a battered leather jacket. I own more pairs of high heels than I used to, but you will nearly always find me in flats. My hair and makeup is pretty much the only thing I have to feel feminine, because when your fashion preferences mirror those of a teenage boy, not wearing any makeup can make me feel a bit frumpy.

I have a daily look that has not really altered since I was 18, I play around with different looks all the time but this is the one that people ask about and comment on the most. It is nothing difficult, so I won’t insult you by telling you how to do eyeliner. The products are interchangeable but really it is what I would call my signature face. The one that I think makes me look and feel the most like me. So I guess we should probably start with that and save the crazy eye tutorials for another time

This is the original photo I posted on Twitter. Yes, I know I am a photographer and could have taken this with my swanky Canon but this is the most recent photo.. ok?
The whole look takes me under 15 mins everyday. Otherwise, what is the point , Girlfriend? The products are a mixture of drugstore and high end, because I believe in products that do the job- not products that cost a fortune and suck.

**I am not saying you have to have these products, this is just what I am using at the moment, your own preferences will work just fine**

*** Obviously if you are a similar skintone to me NC30 or above- you might find you get on rather well with some of these products***

My skin is for the most part pretty clear, though I sometimes suffer with scarring and redness. I tend not to be too spotty and would describe myself as having Normal type skin. I don’t tend to wear foundation everyday as usually a tinted moisturiser or BB cream works just fine for me. If I need a little more coverage, however. I like to use a lightweight Foundation such as Revlon Nearly Naked, buffed into the skin using a real techniques buffing brush. If I still need a little help then I use Collection 2000 lasting perfection Concealer in Medium over any blemishes. concealer
Less is more with base- I only apply a tiny amount of foundation to even out my skin.. when buffed out with the brush you will be amazed how far it goes. I hate that cakeface look so beware! For days when I want the barest coverage (or when I have a tan) I use tinted moisturiser mixed with a blob of Becca Shimmering Skin Perfector in Topaz.. which gives my skin a lovely bronze glow (I love Becca products). For nights out I sometimes use a foundation such as MAC Studio sculpt in NC30, a nice gel-based makeup that works mixed with moisturiser and is less oily than usual MAC foundations.
Usually after this my skin is looking pretty even, but there are two other steps I occasionally do- usually only when I have a long day or a specialevent or something. I then like to take a yellow toned concealer pen


(such as MAC Prep and Prime in light boost or as I have pictured here GOSH do a great dupe for less £££’s) Apply it in a triangle shape under my eyes, down the bridge of my nose and on my chin and also between my eyebrows. This looks insane but don’t worry, we are going to blend it out! Which I do so using a beauty blender or the brush again. I set the above with a LIGHT dusting of Mac Mineralise Skin Finish in Medium Plus.


This is a powder with coverage, so I sometimes skip foundation altogether and just use a bit of this, it is truly a great product and worth the hype in my opinion. The whole effect of this extra step gives my face a dimensional highlighted look. It is the trick used by Kim Kardashian to give her that really light look under her eyes. But as I said, I only really do this on special occasions, I don’t often have that much time everyday. I don’t think ANYONE does.. 😀

Now your base is set, using any or all of those steps I like to do a little contour using my beloved Harmony by MAC. I just stick to the hollows of my cheeks and lightly sweep upwards for a natural look, but for a more defined, evening look I often place a bit of colour on my temples and down the sides of my nose.. it’s important NOT to overdo this step!! I have a lot of blushes I like to alternate, but one of my favourite colours is a neutral cream colour blended lightly into my cheeks with the ELF stippling brush I think the one I reach for the most is a cream blush by benefit. On days when I need a bit more radiance I sometimes sweep a bit of highlighter on the tops of my cheekbones (when I remember) and on my cupids bow. I almost always forget to do this though- highlighter is not really a daily essential.. it just looks pretty. Try to make sure that the highlight you choose is not too glittery, on the whole this is unsuitable for daytime. I can reccomend MAC Soft and Gentle but right now I like the Naked Skin illuminator by MUA. A steal at £3


Being a darker gal, I think eyebrows are really important to frame your face, if I was to grab one product it would be for my brows over anything else, I think a well groomed shape does wonders for your face. I am NOT a fan of a heavy, drawn on tadpole brow- I think they look awful. But my natural brows, though an ok shape, do need a bit of definition in the arch. I have learnt over time that a natural, thicker brow suits me best as it balances out my rather large and prominent nose! I use a combination of products to keep my brows looking good. After experimenting with various pencils and powders, all of which were too warm toned for me, I finally discovered MAC’s (sadly limited edition) brow gel in 04 Brunette. Using a small angled brush I take the majorit of the product off on the back of my hand then lightly (LIGHTLY) fill in my arch and blend any remaining product along the bottom edge of my brow to create a clean line. I leave the first 3rd of my eyebrows untouched then go over them using MAC eyeshadow in Mystery with light strokes. A LIGHT HAND IS ADVISED Ladies!! I then comb them through with a spoolie to soften them. it sounds like I am a bit of a MAC cosmetics whore- I’m not.. I just like their range of natural, matte colours which are often really hard to find on the high street.

I have only gotten into eyeshadow in the last year or so, until then I think I only really owned one. My everyday look uses a warm brown through the crease and that’s it. For this I use Natural Collection eyeshadow in Milk Chocolate (£1.99), or a smidge of my Harmony contour or bronzer does the job just fine (to keep products to a minimum I nearly always use the bronzer on my eyes too!). I also run this under my lower lashes. Although this is not an especially dark colour, the warm colour really brings out the brown in my eyes, making them appear golden toned. I then apply black gel eyeliner by Maybelline- my preferred shape is a wing, which might not look too everyday but is one that works with my eyeshape and does not get lost when I am wearing mascara. On days when I don’t feel I have the time to draw the perfect line I just smudge a black eyepencil on my top lashline. I like MUA kohl liner £1.
I have naturally long eyelashes so prefer a formula that does not make them spidery. To be honest, they all do the same thing. I like L’oreal Million Lashes in Carbon Black or my favourite mascara for life- Max Factor 2000 Calorie.
I realise that a strong winged liner look is too much for a lot of people everyday but my eyes are so dark I don’t feel like it is that in-your-face on me.makeup2

I never wear anything on my lips for my everyday face. At most I just use lipbalm like Nuxe Reve du Miel and leave it at that. I do, however carry around a few pinky nude lip colours, just incase I find myself spontaneously going somewhere or want to look slightly more polished. At the moment I like a neutral lip toned colour by Une (which has vanished from my local Boots so fear it may have been discontinued!!) with a bit of Maybelline cream gloss in Nude Pearl. It’s a gloss, but not awful or sticky like others I have tried. I also like Revlon Lip Butter in Sugar Frosting, Mac lipstick in Hue or Boots 17 Beehive. All pretty natural, daytime colours that don’t look scary or chalky.

Phew! that was long. Normal service resumes tomorrow, folks.

The Boring Makeup Post.

6 thoughts on “The Boring Makeup Post.

  1. Love new make up tips.. I’m obsessed with nude or light pink lip butters and always in search of perfect liquid eyeliner, it was Sephora until i just discovered a quick drying Stila one. Fave new purchase is Chanel Les Beiges but i also balance the pricey purchases with Superdrug buys like Sleek!

  2. Don’t have much Mac stuff because their counters are always insane (in London) full of teenage girls scrabbing to get stuff. Want to that prep stuff though..

    1. Agree- MAC is hideous in London, though I do like the store which is part of Spitalfields as I find it generally less manic. We have a counter here in Bristol which is always packed but there is talk of a store opening (!) I tend to do my research, swatch if im passing then buy online. The Prep and Prime is really great if you are darker like me (I dont look that dark but I am half indian and have a yellow tone to my skin) if you are more caucasian colouring I suggest the pinkier toned one, either way they are a really good product. The GOSH one is a thicker consistency but only costs around £6

  3. I would have been utterly lost had you not given me the *make-up crash course a la bansal*. I am forever grateful that you introduced me to brushes and BUFFING!! (>O<)

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