Things I love- May Edit

I watch a lot of these videos on YouTube and I always find it interesting to see what people are loving and using for the month. Probably because I am very nosy. I am going to try to include some non-beauty favourites in here too, so as not to exclude the boys. Meh, who am I kidding?

1. Nivea Lip Butter in Raspberry Rose:  I was on my way to London when I realisedImage

 I had left my beloved Nuxe Reve du Miel lipbalm at home, so picked this up from the nearest Boots. I have to say, for £1.99, I was impressed. It’s creamier than some lipbalms and more (but not the most) hydrating. It also leaves a nice pinky-paleish cast to my lips, which I kind of like. I have found myself reaching for this as a daily lip colour over some lip pencil, quite often this month. Plus, it’s a bit less bulky than my usual lipbalm.

2. Boujois BB liquid Bronzer.

I don’t have a photo for this, because I only bought it two days ago. Actually. I went into Boots, swatched it. Applied a little to my (bare, save for tinted moisturiser) face, left Boots, went to Topshop where I saw myself in the mirror and went straight back to Boots to purchase a bottle immediately. It’s great. Part of the problem I have with bronzer is that the colour never really mimics the colour I naturally tan. I like this because you only need a dab, can mix it/blend it in with your foundation and there is no chalky residue. Leave me a comment if you want a post about howI use it, if that is your thang. This is currently on introductory offer at Boots so RUN!

3. David Bowie.


You probably know from Facebook and Twitter that I went to see the V&A David Bowie exhibition this month. Wow. This is certainly a must see for any Bowie fan, though I went with a friend who wasn’t really into him but said it was really interesting. From a fashion/photography/culture perspective I found it really inspiring. By far one of the most fun things I have got up to this month.

4. Zara


I am not sure if it is because I have lost a little bit of weight recently, or if their cut has changed a bit (I suspect both) but Zara is really excellent right now. I have always loved their accessories but this month have been loving their print collections and basics range, which includes some awesome loose fitting vests. (A cheaper alternative is New Look, who have some similar cuts for a few less £’s)

5. Hendricks and Cucumber


With the terrible weather we have been experiencing, my favourite drink should probably be a hot toddy, but Hendricks (always served with cucumber) is my current cocktail du jour.

6. Lush R&B

Again, this is something I don’t have a pic of but its pretty standard Lush packaging. This is an old favourite, reccomended to me as a salve for my damaged-post ombre hair of last year. I don’t really shop in Lush all that much, though I do love their Flying Fox showergel. This product is originally formulated for afro hair but it absolutely brilliant for smoothing frizzies. You only need a tiny bit and (to me) it smells like pina colada. A small tub lasts ages.

7. Bobbi Brown tinted moisturising Face Balm Image

I have started using products more prescrively lately.. only really putting them where I need them, hence a lighter base is in order. I LOVE this. I got this at the start of the month and have been using it religiously ever since. It has an SPF 25, so is a good daytime base and works well on its own, under foundation, or with my own current preferred concealing method, Dermablend Foundation (used as concealer). I really don’t like slapping on a whole full cover face during the day so this is ideal, it provides enough colour (esp when used in conjunction with the Boujois BB Bronzer above) and evens out enough to make me look radiant, but not made up. The coverage is VERY light, so perhaps this isnt one for you girls who prefer a more full cover foundation but it really is great.

I could go on but this post is already long enough without me rambling on about random things I like. I will be back here soon.

Things I love- May Edit

11 thoughts on “Things I love- May Edit

  1. I wanna try BB face balm.. love BB.. my most recent must haves are Benefit -The Pore-fessional primer.. I don;t buy much Benefit but I got a free sample and was blown away. Use it every day and it works for me. The other is Benefit They’re real mascara..was never a big mascara wearer until recently.. use these 2 things daily now.

    1. I react to almost every Benefit product I have ever tried except Hoola. Sadly. I also really hate how overpriced it has gotten but a lot of my friends love it.

  2. Oh no, they are a bit pricey so I’m glad I don’t use any of their other stuff.. their brow kit was almost £30.. the Sleek dupe was around £7 I think.. and worked better on me.

    1. I have the sleek kit too.. i retired it when I found the fluidline though as although its fab, its a TEENy bit warm for me since I lightened my brows. I prefer an ashier tone. its great though!!

  3. I’ve now found something I love more than the Sleek kit – because it was less than £3 I picked up the 17 eyebrow shaper pencil from Boots (in natural brown) – I’ve never actually used an eyebrown pencil before so was curious to try – and lo and behold it is an exact match for me.. and goes on easily, blends in nicely.. and is small enough to carry around all day in case of touch ups.. Am chuffed!

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