Brows 101. No Scouse brows plz.

ImageOnce again, I am going to be very surprised if any Men are interested in this blog post. I am very aware that we have suddenly gone all “beauty” on this blog and that was not my intention. I have a couple of Music posts planned out, along with a longer “life” type ramble which I hope to get up later today.

If you are a girl (or that bloke of the Apprentice!) and want to know about how I, er, do my eyebrows.. read on.

Anyway, I wanted to post this little “Brow 101” tutorial/method thing for my friend @pinkjellybaby on Twitter, who asked for help following a disastrous experience with an overzealous eyebrow shaper.

If anyone knows me, they will know I am very interested in eyebrows. I think that there is nothing good about a horrible, sharpied on pair and that an unkempt pair looks equally as bad. I am not a fan of any particular shape, but I do know how I do mine. And I get asked quite a lot how I do mine and what I put on them.

Please bear in mind that I like quite a defined brow (to balance, I suspect, my humongous nose) I use two products to get this look and the whole process takes about 2 mins. You may not like this look, or need to use lighter products or a different shape for your face.

I use Mac Fluidline brow Gel creme in Brunette (I suspect this is a limited edition product which worries me slightly)

Mac eyeshadow (matte) in Mystery or Charcoal Brown. I have listed two colours here as I actually sometimes change up the colour depending on my makeup. I lightened my brows by one shade some time ago using bleach (not as scary as it sounds) so can get away with either brown.

Angled brush. Any will do so long as its not too wimpy and bendy. I like this cheapo one from Barry M.

A word on plucking, I do… but only random stragglers. I learnt to thread my own eyebrows years ago and would recommend weaning yourselves off tweezers if you possibly can. If you absolutely have to tweeze, try filling in your brows first as a guide so that you dont accidentally pluck them too thin. Thin brows are not cool.

This is how I do mine. I am not a makeup artist, this is just a method I worked out on my own based on my face shape and what I think looks best for me. No brow hate please.

1. Brush brows upwards using a spoolie, if like me you wake up and they have had a party in the night.

2. Taking your Fluidline on an angled brush, draw a light line from inner corner to the top of the arch. I extend mine slightly because I am missing some hairs on the inner corners of my brows. To determine your arch, line your brush up with the side of your nose and iris. If you are using fluidline for this, I cannot stress enough how important it is to dip ONCE in the product. I then wipe off most of it on the back of my hand and apply it using a practically dry brush. This gives a natural shaded appearance and NOT that drawn on sharpie look.

3. Using the flat of the brush against the line you have drawn, gently flick upwards to extend the colour into your natural brow hairs. Use any leftover product on your hand and brush to fill in the brows where needed. Don’t be tempted to colour in entirely because you really don’t need to. it might seem like there it not enough product on the brush but there is, you really just want to shade in the sparse areas and create a shape at this point. You will notice I have to create quite an arch on my eyebrows because, apparantly I was born without them.

4. Define the arch and tail with the flat of the brush if needed. I don’t like this area to be very dark so I barely touch this.


5. Do the other side with the fluidline. Wrestle your cat off you.

(These pictures are really bad, you cant see the actual shape very well, probably the best one is the bottom pic in the first set, the others have come out odd and pointy. Oh well!)

6. Get your shadow and fill in lightly with the same brush to set and fill in any of the lighter areas. You could use a brow gel if you wanted but I find mine don’t really need this.

Hope that helps someone!

Brows 101. No Scouse brows plz.

2 thoughts on “Brows 101. No Scouse brows plz.

  1. Nice tutorial! You have nice, defined brows. It’s awesome you can thread your own eyebrows. It probably saves you lots of money in the long term!

  2. I had an heavy-handed Benefit brow make-over.. then I went and bought the Sleek brow kit (Benefit dupe but Sleek colour matched better for me) and I use Bobbi Brown Mahogany eyeshadow to lightly fill my brows, almost perfect colour match for me. Wish I could thread.. until that day I tweeze the odd stragglers from below.

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