Monthly Favourites (Sick Edit)

If you follow me on any type of social media, or if you caught my last post, you will know that I have been struck down with not one but two very nasty infections. Well today is the first day I have felt vaguely human so I thought I would do a little update on the products I have been loving this month.

It isn’t that comprehensive as I have been in bed for almost 2 weeks without any type of makeup on whatsoever. Here goes.


SugarCrush Body Wash by Soap and Glory.

Because I have been so unwell, I have also been smelling as gross as a bbq beef hula hoop, which trust me, is not all that fresh. Straight out of the Drs and into Boots to get my prescriptions I picked up a bottle of this stuff, forseeing the need to feel fresh and refreshed whilst feeling ill. Its amazing, I already use the body scrub but this is light and moisturising and smells like sweet lime. Perfect when you feel disgusting and gross and want to feel energised.


Nip&Fab Gluycolic facial cleanser.

I picked this up around the same time as the Sugar Crush, probably obsessing a bit about citrus fragrances a bit too much (this smells like Grapefruit) and I was looking for a new cleanser for the warmer weather to use with my Clarisonic as I had used all my Origins up. This was on offer in Boots and I wasn’t really expecting great things, given that all I was looking for was just a fruity foamy thing that washed my face. I was very surprised to find it worked a treat, exfoliating without stripping and leaving my skin very clear and smooth. The scent is also pleasant and fruity. You only need a tiny bit of this so it would be great for travelling. A good accidental find!! One week, sever ltrs of water, this cleanser and a clarisonic has given me lovely clear skin again.


Nail Polish in Blue My Mind by H&M

One positive about being ill in bed is that my nails always seem to do well out of it. I have been obsessed with a certain Sally Hansen blue nail polish for ages only to find that I actually owned a very good dupe for it from H&M. The formula is what you would expect from a £1.99 polish but with a topcoat its just great. A lovely bold colour to cheer you up.

I haven’t worn any makeup at all so don’t have anything I have been enjoying in that department to share. I miss my regular eyeliner.

Monthly Favourites (Sick Edit)

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