The Hair Care Bunch.


I am not sure when I embraced my hairs natural texture, exactly. I think it was shortly after graduating, when I noticed that using GHD’s to iron FLAT from root-to tip was doing nothing for me. Or when I gret bored of crazy colour (Red and black anyone?). Sure I experimented a bit more.. I had my “Red” phase… (Inspired, no doubt by watching too much My-So-Called Life). My “Ombre” phase (Which I liked, until the world started to do it.. badly, plus it made my hair so dry it wasn’t even funny) We won’t discuss the dodgy time with blue hair mascara in year 8.

Nowadays, I like to think my hair looks like that of a Kardashian….(I do like to kid myself)


Or a Victoria’s Secret Angel. And sometimes it does. Admittedly, this is usually when I am indoors alone/ about to go to bed but still, the wavy, big look is what I like to go for. It is also pretty easy to achieve for me because it works with my own natural texture.

I get told a lot that I have lovely hair. Actually, I just have noticable hair. My hair is actually pretty dry on the ends, prone to oily roots and gets HORRIBLY tangled. I don’t visit a hairdresser, which probably goes some way to explain point one, because I can’t really afford to have someone NOT listen to me. I cut my own hair using a method I learnt on YouTube and a technique I developed myself. I won’t link them here because I realise that would be irresponsible if I then caused you to hack away demendedly at your own hair. I recently learnt that the style I have is “long layers with mid length face framing pieces (or in my case, “growing out a fringe”) with the weight line kept in back” (- an actual hair stylist told me that so we should believe her). I keep it maintained by trimming the layers when they look a bit dry. The smallest snip makes a really big transformation to the condition of my hair, so until I find a hairdresser who can actually work with me, I shall continue.

Anyway, so how do I style this big layered mess? And what do I use on it?

I change my Shampoos a lot- I can use high end one day or supermarket own brand the next, I often return to John Freida Brilliant Brunette range though,

Conditioner, I like to switch up, sometimes it is the matching one to the Shampoo, sometimes it is something a little more intensive. I have been loving the “Harmony” treatment by Neal & Wolf as a 5 min treatment in the shower, it smells lovely and hydrates my hair without feeling greasy or weighing my hair down. I only use Conditioner from the Mid-Shaft to the ends and I find a more intensive treatment like this used as needed really helps to define my waves and banish frizz.

Product: I am a fan of products which build volume and texture without looking crispy, usually, I like to run a mousse or styling cream through my hair prior to styling, this gives the hair guts and also stops it going all flyaway. I like the Got2be range for affordable styling products, but have recently switched to Elevate styling lotion from Neal & Wolf. I love how my hair looks after using it, it definatly helps to hold a wave and lock in the volume.

I like to wait til my hair is 80% dry and gently comb it through with a Tangle Teezer (an amazing little product which has totally replaced my need for a brush) before blow drying with a big round brush, sometimes if it has dried too much I will spritz on some Toni & Guy Salt texturising spray in the morning before blasting it on a high heat for a few seconds. Usually, this is enough for every day but if I am going out I occasionally either smooth sections using a flat iron or define some waves using a curling wand. In both instances you need a good heat protectant, I like this one by Lee Stafford.Finally, a spritz of good shine spray like Neal & Wolf’s Gloss works better for me than greasy, sticky serums.

Also, try to get out of the routine of washing your hair every day. It doesn’t need it and you are actually contributing to making it more lank by stimulating oil production on the scalp. Whilst you get used to it, or if you just want to give 2nd day hair a bit of texture, try a dry shampoo like Batiste. I actually prefer my hair on the 2nd or even 3rd day because it looks more lived in.

You can get Neal & Wolf Products online here, or somewhere like Amazon, the other products I just picked up in Boots or

The Hair Care Bunch.

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