The one in which Mizzban finds herself unexpectedly homeless.

For one, I am fully aware that it has been ages since I last wrote anything here, the fact has not been lost on me whenever I see anything with the date on it. I have been homeless now for 1,2,3 almost five weeks, and to say that it has been the easy “few nights here and there” I imagined it would be when I moved out over a month ago, would be a massive lie.
My flat, the flat I had worked so hard to find, the one I found after unceremonially losing my last flatshare due to a certain someone’s mental issues and a shitty letting agency. The one I was due to move into a week ago, fell through. It seems that even once you are approved for a tenancy, have paid the deposit and agency fees, booked the removal men, put your stuff into storage and set out into the world with nothing but a bag and your cat in a travel case, you are STILL only a step away from being homeless.
It wasn’t supposed to be like this, of course, my amazing friends and their offers of “somewhere to stay” I am positive never extended past a week or two and yet here I still am, another sofa, another single bed and another step closer to feeling I might lose my mind with the stress. With money tied up, not only in one property, but with agency fees and deposit still yet to be returned to me, I wasn’t even sure if I had the cash to get anywhere whilst I waited for all my various funds to be released.
But because I am, in the words of Beyonce “A Survivor” I began that tedious search for somewhere new. When you lose a place that you had formerly imagined was perfect for you, the alternatives always seem that little bit worse. There was the flat an hour from anywhere, in the middle of a scabby estate, the one room “studio” in a great part of town but the layout of which meant that I would have to sleep on the draining board and keep my clothes in the shower. It was last Tuesday, whilst I was heading home from a particularly soul destroying viewing (a flat with an ominous looking “security door”) that I found somewhere that just might be ok. BS3, the postcode WAS after all back in the area I had hoped to move back to, the specifications of the place SOUNDED alright, but there were no pictures.. what the hell was wrong with this place?
To cut a long story short I now have a flat. It IS that ground floor place in BS3, the place with the quirky layout which surprisingly has a lot of space and is one road away from two of my closest friends. The outside looks pretty anonymous, but the space being all mine is a lifechanger and I cannot wait to move in next Monday… that is if nothing else goes wrong.

The one in which Mizzban finds herself unexpectedly homeless.

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