Where I was and where I am now.

I went away for a bit. It was no big deal, it just had a lot to do with me moving into a flat on my own, becoming suddenly homeless prior to that, changing day jobs and getting so overwhelmed with shoots that something had to give. When every single moment of your day is given over to something creative, there is little time to blog about it, much less to remember everything you have done.

For a few weeks back there, I thought things were going to slip back. I thought that I would go back to that sad, depressed person I was 18 months ago, when my living situation was uncertain and I felt totally lost. But I am pleased to say that slowly, slowly… things have improved. Things have improved quite a lot, actually. I have gone from doing a day job that paid the bills to one that I actually love doing. My flat, far from being the stop gap compromise it felt like at the time when my original place fell through, has transpired to be the biggest life changer for me. My own space. No longer do I have to sneak around, fearful of offending a housemate, no longer do I feel aggrieved for shouldering the lion’s share of the housework generated by somebody else’s mess. No longer do I feel like I am paying over the odds to live in a space I don’t feel able to make full use of.  The best part is that I can furnish it as I wish, which for me has been slowly, month by month. Coming home to things the way I have left them NEVER gets old for me.

Photography wise, things are really exciting right now. I have a couple of editorials about to be released this month and around 6 lined up for the New Year. One of the frustrations about being a photographer, is having a huge volume of work that you can’t share with people until it is published. Sitting on some of this stuff has been a real challenge but I am looking forward to being able to post it here soon.  I am also in the midst of finalising the details of the 2014 workshops so if you are on the mailing list for those, expect an announcement soon.

I hope 2014 will see me visit here a bit more. I also plan on revamping my website and portfolio to showcase this new work. 

Where I was and where I am now.