Why Weddings?

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I never used to consider myself a “Wedding Photographer”. Perhaps, naively thinking these things would be easy and in some way wanting to challenge myself I concentrated the first few years on fashion and portrait work. When people ask me what floats my boat (and they often do, photography-wise) I nearly always say that people do. Fashion work is highly produced, heavily directed and the outcome tightly controlled by the team for the client. I’ve done lots of Bridal Editorial and so know how to shoot those poses, but nothing (and I mean NOTHING) can prepare you for an event happening in real time. It is like 100 mini shoots all happening at once and you have to be there for all of it. All of it.

Portrait work really is only as good as the rapport I am able to build up with my client before and during a session. At a Wedding, you have limited time to build a rapport.. with EVERYONE. You have to be approachable enough to get those intimate portraits of strangers, but at the same time outgoing enough to grab the attention of a whole wedding party when it comes to group shots. In short, Weddings are like Portrait shoots on steroids.


People are beautiful.

There is no better feeling than capturing big genuine smiles, joyful outbursts and emotional tears. Weddings provide that perfect environment for me to roam unobserved and capture moments which are truly genuine. I try really hard to tell a story with each occasion, my mind never far from creating something to help the Bride and Groom revisit that moment and help friends and family who didn’t attend to experience the little details and the big highs of the day. I see the role of a Photographer as one with enormous responsibility. We document mini miracles and cement memories, often being trusted with intimate and special moments between families which are not our own.


It is a huge honour202

Photography is not an easy job, it is long hours, high pressure and there is a lot of competition. When shooting with a commercial client they expect a certain shot as per a certain brief. If you think this is difficult, I have news for you. A Bride and Groom expect dozens, hundreds even of these specific moments, all beautifully captured in the “style” they hired you for. There is no resting, no pausing, no stopping at a wedding. You don’t get a second chance to get it right and for this reason I have so much respect for Wedding Photographers. They truly perform miracles and are worth every penny for this reason.


My hope for the coming year is that I can continue my client work but also provide the clients who have been kind enough to book my services to capture their wedding with images that will take them back to the moment. Shooting Weddings has given me a new perspective on people and it is a beautiful one.

I am still taking booking for 2015/16 so please contact me for an information pack, or for access to my private Wedding portfolio. abi.bansal@gmail.com

Why Weddings?