The value of personal pictures.

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Only one of these people pictured is a working model. She hasn’t been doing it long and she is learning every day to become confident and happy infront of a camera. I would go further to say that it is the Photographer she needs to be comfortable with. On a shoot there can be loads of people hanging around- their JOB is to be concerned with how you look and that can be incredibly daunting… even when it is your occupation.

Aside from getting correct exposure, nice composition and all that other stuff, you just don’t get a good picture if your subject is uncomfortable. I’ve watched enough Next Top Model to know that when the model isn’t feeling it that really translates in the picture and nobody cares to invest any time in an uncomfortable model.

But what if it isn’t your job? What if you are just a mere mortal? A while ago, when I was redoing my website I realized that a contact page was key to showing clients what I was about. Every entrepreneur will tell you that a good profile picture is absolutely essential to a dynamic contact page and that if you want to make an impression it is just as important as what you say in the text. People will make a judgement about whether they want to work with you or not based on the conclusions they draw from your image and personal statement. Like it or not, if you want a successful web presence a good photo is a must and it is certainly worth investing in. A professional image says more than how you look, it conveys how much you VALUE your web presence. It is the same as dressing smartly for a job interview, so how much are you willing to invest in your first impression?

One thing people say to me is that I only shoot beautiful people. And they would be right, but not for the reasons you might think. People may think I only shoot beautiful people but I would argue that all people are beautiful and I can see that in everybody. Technically anyone can learn to use a camera and the barriers to this industry are getting lower by the day, the real skill is the one the individual brings to the table, which is to say the personality you bring to each encounter. If I have got a beautiful image of a person who is not a professional model it’s direct evidence of how comfortable they felt in my company. And that is the real skill.

I take on portrait sessions throughout the year, up and down the country, they range from basic to more creative concepts. To book yours please email me at to request an info pack.

The value of personal pictures.

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