#ABVENT 2014

I’ve not done anything personally challenging in a while. Way back when, when I did a 365 days photo project (the project which consequently began my photography career and improved  my self confidence exponentially). I challenged myself to take, edit and upload a self portrait every day for a year. At the time, I really hated how I looked so the whole thing was a nightmare for me. But I did it, the pictures suck but I am really proud of sticking to it. I’m still guilty of self critique over my appearance but after a year of it find that I just don’t care as much. I really don’t. That is just how I look and nothing can change that.  Fast forward to 2014 and one of the things I would like to overcome is my irrational fear of appearing on camera. SO. To challenge myself (and also because I am quite lazy sometimes) I am going to be using my Instagram to upload a short clip every day throughout December and because I thought of it, I get to call it ABVENT. It would be good if you could join me in uploading your own (so I don’t feel so alone and also because I am curious to see what people get up to over Christmas).

#ABVENT 2014

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