Photoshoot Fail

I don’t like it when things don’t go to plan. Especially when those things are my work. I was the victim of a major fail this weekend and I managed to capture it on video-

Join me on a location photoshoot where technical (camera) issues with the main AND the backup camera meant we couldn’t shoot anything. The circumstances were out of our control and although it wasn’t anyone’s fault, you can see from this video that I felt more responsible than I let on. We have been able to reshedule so hopefully that beautiful setting won’t go to waste for a second week!
Today’s team:
Photographer: Abi “Camera Fail” Bansal- @mizzban
Model: Donatella Pegler (instagram: @donatellamodel)
Hair: Jodie Austen @peachystylist
MUA: Sophie Moore @SophieMooreMUA
Honourable thanks to Mr Jo for driving us and his endless patience!
Photoshoot Fail

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