My Philosophy on (shooting) Weddings.


Simon & Sam’s Wedding at the Hare & Hounds Hotel, Tetbury.

I have always considered myself a portrait and fashion photographer. I absorb fashion magazines, runway shows, behind the scenes Youtube videos and models Instagrams just as much as I follow street style blogs and obsessively subscribe to projects like Humans of New York. I aspire for my work to be in the magazines and in the style blogs I love so much. For me, there has always been a clear place for my work.

So when I take on a Wedding job I always try to infuse it with a combination of the two. Wedding Photography carries a huge responsibility and a unique sort of pressure that if you haven’t done it yourself you can never hope to understand. Wedding images are one of the things that remain long after the day is over and whilst the perception can be that it “costs a lot” it is, as I choose to call my pricing structure- an investment. I approach Weddings with the same editorial outlook but punctuate it with reportage-style snapshots of “realness”. When a client tells me that my images could be in a magazine, I feel like I’ve done a good job. When a guest writes to me telling me that I made them feel like a model, I have done a good job. But most importantly, when someone points at a photo I took and says “I remember how I felt at that moment” then my work is done and I can smile. Life is not about picture-perfect images which are Photoshopped to perfection. It is about smudged makeup from happy tears, crazy laughing expressions and the imperfect body angles that are created from hugs with loved ones. The beauty lies in these moments and is merely framed by a magazine-style image of a great pair of shoes or a gorgeous gown.


Moments like this are what count.


It’s funny to me that so many people tell me that I made them look like they could be in a magazine, it’s almost as if they don’t believe they ever could be or somehow don’t think themselves up to it. The thing I find myself saying to people as they delight in their own images is always the same- “This is you, this is how I see you. This is who you really are”.


Gorgeous details and some favourite faces from Mary & Frank’s London Wedding at Islington Town Hall. 

If you want to enquire about Wedding services then feel free to drop me a line via for a link to the private portfolio.

My Philosophy on (shooting) Weddings.

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