What have you been up to?

I have been doing a lot of client work this month. When I am not shooting Fashion or Weddings, the reality is that I could so often be shooting things I am less interested in. When I tell people I have been working with “A company” they envisage custody-style white backdrops and corporate- blazer wearing poses to be added to an impersonal website. And yeah, that’s fine. It’s just that I believe that behind every great company are great people and that ultimately, people like to deal with people.

JC-13scale duel1duel3


I have been working with a few (very different) companies recently. In addition to providing promo images, I also got to shoot the guys from the Daredevil Project in the run up to the launch of their new paired photo-messaging app Duel.  The team from Jane Clayton & Company is another example- (yes they have a company dog!). For me, the objective is always to capture the realities of a working environment (which provides its own challenges- limited light and distracting background elements!). The result is this documentary-style, placing people at the heart of the business, where they belong. I absolutely love the variety of this type of work. I get to meet some great people who usually provide tea and cake and it is a great challenge to be a fly-on-the-wall for the day!

If you have a business and are after something a bit different to communicate who you are and what you do- get in touch abi.bansal@gmail.com.

What have you been up to?

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