Easy Shoot Day Makeup

If I had  my own way, I would just roll out of  bed, plug in an intravenous drip of coffee and head onset without brushing my hair. Really. Well, maybe I would have a shower and put some clothes on but the reality is I feel better when I make even a tiny bit of effort. When I worked for someone else I had a routine, a set pattern for preparing myself for the work day. Just because I spend a lot of time outdoors/at home in PJ’s editing does not mean that I feel I can let myself get away with not getting ready. You never know when I might meet a potential Photography client, for example. Note- a LOT of my clients come from strangers I meet when out and about.

This is the first video in my “Working from home” series. I want to cover things like my getting ready routine, right through to how I use lists to accomplish my goals and manage my time. If this sort of thing is interesting to you then please let me know. I am filming on my phone at the moment so please excuse shitty quality and lighting. I am still new at this video thing but hopefully will be able to get a decent point and shoot soon!

Easy Shoot Day Makeup

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