What’s in my (current) makeup bag.

makeupI own and test a lot of make up. A conversation on Twitter with @charliejburness requested a look at my current favourites, so I thought I would empty out my makeup bag and take a look at what I am currently using. This is an update on my “Everyday Make up talk through I posed on my You Tube Channel, which you can see here.

I don’t wear ALL these things at once, or infact all the time. I sometimes wear eyeshadow, a different blush, that sort of thing but these products usually make it into regular rotation.

Starting top left we have a powder blush by And Other Stories in Cire Red, this is a VIBRANT true red colour which I would never usually pick, however when I swatched it I was really impressed with how natural it looked (when applied very lightly with a duo fibre brush) It’s perfect for creating the illusion of health- but mind how you go, it’s very easy to stray into “embarrassed drunk person” territory!

Moving clockwise, we have and OLD favourite (seriously, I remember my Mum wearing this product in the 90s, back when the Body Shop did it’s “Colourings” range!) Body Shop Lipliner in Beech. This is one of my all time favourite lipliners and a lot cheaper than MAC ones (it is also the perfect combo for my fave lipstick which I will get into later).

Below that we have a liquid liner, today it is a Bourjois felt tip one, a substitute for my beloved Kat Von D tattoo liner (which has now been used up and is my favourite). This one isn’t amazing but I also rate Eyeko who do a great one. I also have gel liners but this is just handy to have in my makeup bag.

Below this is my beloved Giorgio Armani Waterproof smooth silk eyepencil in No 2. This was actually discovered at my friends Wedding whilst I was doing his Mum’s Makeup. It’s a BEAUTIFUL silky smooth shadow/liner and this colour is a black/grey/brown/plum hybrid which when used on brown eyes creates a subtle smokey eye or a base for a dramatic look. It’s not cheap but its the best pencil type product I have ever used. I was kindly bought one as a thank you for doing the makeup (because I raved about it so much!). I also really rate Rimmel gel pencil eyeliners which are a great option and do a similar thing.

My favourite lipstick I have included here is Velvet Teddy by MAC. It’s a darker browny matte nude, made famous by Kylie Jenner. This is not the reason I wear it, it just really pulls together any look, I think. Pair it with a pinker lipliner to change it up a bit.

For eyebrows, I use Anastasia Brow Pomade in Medium Brown. It is AMAZING, though it takes a bit of practice to get used to applying it. Once you work out you need very little product, its easy to create natural brows. I use Medium brown as its much more natural than using the dark brown, even though my hair colour is technically dark.

Next to that is a Maybelline colour Tattoo cream eye colour in the leather effect colour in creamy beige 98. I LOVE this!. It’s a slight dupe for the MAC cream shadow pots and is a semi matte base colour which is really easy to apply.

Bobbi Brown concealer and powder duo in Natural/Pale Yellow. I have used this for. YEARS. Its great for dark circles and touch ups on the go.

Stila Convertable colour- I love this cream blush and have used it for years. I love this natural, peachy brown colour which lasts all day and is perfect for wearing alone or on days where you can’t be assed with much make up (most days).

Moving down we have the Becca Shimmering Skin Perfector in Topaz- a gel highlighter which I LOVE. This has had a bit of a renaissance lately- I’ve seen this pop up a lot on various blogs but I have had this colour for ages and until recently thought it no longer existed in this colour. I talk about it in the video I linked above but basically this is a beautiful bronze colour which leaves natural glow on the skin and is perfect worn alone in the summer (its also SPF 25).

Bourjois Chocolate Bronzer. A nice bronzer, smells of Chocolate. I also like the Bobbi Brown one, Benefit Hula or the Chanel cream one but this is my most used, probably because it is a lot cheaper!

Mac Face & body. A secret I picked up on shoots- creates beautiful skin with no cakey feel. Its very light coverage though so looks like you are wearing nothing and is buildable and oil free. Love.

Bourjois CC cream- this is a really good high street product. The colour is a LITTLE pink for me though but its still an excellent everyday base for people who prefer a lighter coverage.

I have also included the collection lasting perfection concealer- a high coverage, no budge solution for blemishes. I have also been using the Nars Creamy concealer which is way more expensive!

Mascara- As the video says, I use any mascara!

EDIT: I left out the product on the far right which is Mac Mineralise Skin finish in Medium Plus. I dont often wear powders but this is the exception, light, natural looking and not chalky, it is amazing. Check out my video to see how it applies, if you don’t believe me.

Hope this helps!!!


What’s in my (current) makeup bag.