A Day on Location

Come along with me on a work day as I shoot on location with an amazing team! Apologies for the poor sound quality- it was very windy! You will notice I ask everyone if they are cold constantly, this is because I feel awful and worry about people getting ill.

My team for today-
Hair Jodie Austen @peachystylist
Makeup Sophie Moore @SophieMooreMUa
Styling by Lisa Fifer @stylestarlet
Model Victoria Lindsay Coutts @Victorialcoutts

Some final shots:

IMG_4497scale IMG_4431scale IMG_4035scale

A Day on Location



IMG_0470scaleIMG_0469scale  IMG_0384scaleImages shot by me on location

Obviously, the week my website undergoes an enormous change (more on that later) and I am simultaneously working on 4 different projects with 3 different clients is an IDEAL time to stay up late and edit a bunch of images which didn’t make the cut. Isn’t it?

The top image of Donatella with the billowing skirt wasn’t initially what I had planned for this shoot- we actually grabbed the bit of fabric last minute off the back of the hair stylists door! I think it works though. I like the movement against the stillness and calm of the beach and far off horizon.

I am in the process of prepping for another location shoot happening this weekend and will attempt to vlog it, if I can! I will be back in this space soon with a mini fashion post (I hope!)


Photoshoot Fail

I don’t like it when things don’t go to plan. Especially when those things are my work. I was the victim of a major fail this weekend and I managed to capture it on video-

Join me on a location photoshoot where technical (camera) issues with the main AND the backup camera meant we couldn’t shoot anything. The circumstances were out of our control and although it wasn’t anyone’s fault, you can see from this video that I felt more responsible than I let on. We have been able to reshedule so hopefully that beautiful setting won’t go to waste for a second week!
Today’s team:
Photographer: Abi “Camera Fail” Bansal- abibansal.com @mizzban
Model: Donatella Pegler (instagram: @donatellamodel)
Hair: Jodie Austen @peachystylist
MUA: Sophie Moore @SophieMooreMUA
Honourable thanks to Mr Jo for driving us and his endless patience!
Photoshoot Fail

Monthly Favourites (Sick Edit)

If you follow me on any type of social media, or if you caught my last post, you will know that I have been struck down with not one but two very nasty infections. Well today is the first day I have felt vaguely human so I thought I would do a little update on the products I have been loving this month.

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Monthly Favourites (Sick Edit)