IMG_0470scaleIMG_0469scale  IMG_0384scaleImages shot by me on location

Obviously, the week my website undergoes an enormous change (more on that later) and I am simultaneously working on 4 different projects with 3 different clients is an IDEAL time to stay up late and edit a bunch of images which didn’t make the cut. Isn’t it?

The top image of Donatella with the billowing skirt wasn’t initially what I had planned for this shoot- we actually grabbed the bit of fabric last minute off the back of the hair stylists door! I think it works though. I like the movement against the stillness and calm of the beach and far off horizon.

I am in the process of prepping for another location shoot happening this weekend and will attempt to vlog it, if I can! I will be back in this space soon with a mini fashion post (I hope!)